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Things to do on Taboga Island

Cerrito Tropical EcoLodge

Our team at Cerrito Tropical EcoLodge can suggest a number of things to do on Taboga Island. We can help make your vacation amazing! Everyone has a different idea of how to spend their vacation on Taboga Island, Panama. Some would like to be active, and some would like to hang out in the hammock. Whatever lifestyle is yours there is something for you on Taboga. Let us help you discover the best options.

Activities around Cerrito Tropical EcoLodge

Taboga Island Panama

We can help organize various activities for your visit:


Discover Taboga

We are happy to arrange tours for our overnight guests or those on a day package. Nature walks and hiking, history tour, boat tour, fishing, snorkeling, diving, SUP, kayaking, Foodie experiences and more! We have several self guided experiences, as well as with guides in Spanish or English.

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