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International Departure Tax to Increase at Panama´s Tocumen International Airport

By Mabel Cruz R. for the Panama America

The departure tax from Tocumen International Airport will increase from $ 20.00 to $ 40.00 per person on 1 January 2010, according to Javier Martinez, the Director of Plans and Programs of Tocumen S.A. Martinez told the Panama America this increase responds to modernization projects, including the construction of the Northern Concourse, which will cost more than $100 million dollars. He added that  this option was approved by the Board of Directors of Tocumen S.A. months ago, based on an evaluation made of other airports in Latin America. He said this increase will generate revenue of about $60 million dollars (per year) compared to the $30 million dollars per year being collected at the current rate of $20 per passenger. According to statistics from the airport, this year about 4.8 million passengers will pass through the Tocumen International Airport, representing a slight increase of 5%.



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