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Birdwatching on Taboga


Birdwatching on Taboga Island; spot over 124 bird species.

Come birdwatching on Taboga Island in Panama! Currently, shows over 124 bird species have been reported, 27 on Cerrito Tropical Eco Lodge property! In addition, with trails to hike and roads to walk, birding and photography are easy and fun on Taboga Also, for pelican lovers, Taboga is the home of the largest brown pelican population in the Americas.

Brown Pelican Refuge

Conveniently, the Brown Pelican Refuge is located on the back of the island. We recommend you stay several days with us for your birding adventure. The area nearby offers a lot of sightings because tropical forest backs Cerrito Tropical Eco Lodge. Check out the ancient trees reaching for the sky. Because of the location, you can spot many birds from our balconies. And meanwhile early morning is alive with song.

Contact us directly by Whatsapp +507-6489-0074 or email and then we will send you the list of birds. Then come check out Taboga!

Brown Pelicans at the Taboga Island Refuge




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