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Tourism Meeting and Training

tourism atp isla taboga

Tourism Meeting and Training

Tourism Meeting and Training held on Taboga Island
Tourism meeting Organizers

Tourism Meeting and Training by Tourism Authority (ATP) held on Taboga island

Late in May and early June many people on Taboga took advantage of a training in tourism program. The week long training was free and was enjoyed by all. Our Cerrito Tropical B&B staff said they learned a lot and came back with an abundance of new ideas. The training was sponsored by the Authority of Tourism in Panama (ATP).

Initial Organization Meeting for Tourism Training

Prior to the training, during the organization meeting, the ATP hosts mentioned that they had found over 4000 links on Google mentioning Isla Taboga. The team discussed the up and coming plans for the island including by Panama Adventure Builders new hiking paths, Canopy Tours (ZIP), area for kids. ATP also recently announced an upcoming additional frequent ferry service, and more. One of the long term goals of the new developments planned by ATP and their partners, said Frank Lopez of Panama Adventure Builders will be to attain a National Geographic GEO TURISMO rating – the first in Panama, and one of the first in Latin America. Others include improved infrastructure, municipal systems (recycling), and installations, training in tourism service and English, and as we saw earlier this week in our Facebook post, improvements in the historical site awareness and hopefully protection for the rapidly disappearing sites.

Benefits for Tabogans

This package of improvements and developments will offer new opportunities, a better standard of living for the people of Taboga Island, and improved facilities for visitors to Panama’s charming Island of Flowers.

The first phase of the program was started with the Training which was completed the beginning of June. Soon the hiking paths should start to be cleared and developed.

Positive Changes in Tourism

For high season 2013 we should see some new attractions and positive changes on Taboga island.



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