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Activities Taboga Island


Activities Taboga Island

There are several nice hikes and Activities Taboga Island. More information can be found in our article on the Taboga Island Walking Tour. Here are some activities which our guests at Cerrito Tropical B & B Hotel enjoy.

Activities Taboga Island Panga Fishing off Isla Taboga
Fish for the day with a local fishing guide, Activities Taboga Island


Many people come to Taboga Island to go to the beach. There are two beaches in either direction from the ferry dock. The main stretch of pebbled beach in front of the town is a great site for collecting beautiful shells. Swimming, sunbathing, kayaking and snorkeling are best on the sandy beach in front of the old hotel (Restinga).


Book in advance with Cerrito Tropical Bed and Breakfast through their Activities Taboga Island. A fisherman  will take you around the island on their small panga boats. You will be able to see the island from all sides and reach some of its better snorkeling spots. There are caves on the island’s western side rumored to hold golden treasure left by pirates. When a tour boat cannot be found, you can still snorkel around Isla El Morro. Morro hasn’t any coral but attracts some large fish and rays. Cerrito Tropical  B & B Hotel can assist with your arrangements for their guests.


There is no Dive Shop on Taboga Island you must bring your own gear. Taboga Island offers Pacific style diving. Pacific diving offers rocky formations and a wide variety of marine life. The beauty of the Pacific lies in the schools of fish that roam about. There are couple of protected areas which have some coral and one area with the remains of a sunken ship. Along with colorful tropical Pacific reef fish, with a little luck you may come across old Pacific Steamship Company bottles, artifacts from pirate days or WWII.

Bird Watching

The islands of Taboga and Uraba are home to one of the largest colonies of brown pelicans in the world. The refuge is home to some 100,000 birds. Part of Taboga is a wildlife sanctuary created by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. This refuge covers about half of Taboga as well as the entire island of Uraba. May is the height of the pelican nesting season, but they can be seen year round. Birders can enjoy a variety of seabirds as well as numerous tropical rain forest species.

Whale Watching

During the months from July through October, migrating humpback and sei whales can be seen leaping from the water near Taboga. Dolphins also frequent the area all year round. Contact B B Hotel Cerrito Tropical for Activities Taboga Island to reserve your trip.


Nearby Taboga, the islands of Taboguilla and Oteque have good fishing grounds for both bottom fishing, casting and trolling. They can be reached with a tour from a local Taboga fisherman. Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel can assist with your arrangements for their guests through their Activities Taboga Island.

Sea Turtles

There are at least two species of sea turtles that lay their eggs on Taboga from August through October. Sometimes snorkelers/divers and passengers on boat trips around the island are lucky enough to spot one.

Shell & Beach Glass Collecting

Many guests love to beach comb on Taboga. They discover antique glass, beautiful shells, tiny pieces of coral, as well as colorful pebbles.

Enjoy Special Events on Isla Taboga

  • February – March (depends on the year). Carnival
  • March – April (depends on the year). Easter, Semana Santa
  • June 24. San Juan Bautista. Land and sea processions. Dia de San Pedro
  • July 16. Virgin del Carmen Day; Land and sea processions



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