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Legends and Ghosts of Taboga and Morro


The Howling Dog of Morro

The townspeople say that long ago on Morro Island (Taboga Island, Panama) was a lovely small house at the base of the hill, next to the sea with a balcony placed so the owner could sit and hear the waves lapping against the rocks. One night, the owner and his son were asleep in their beds when an enormous rock rolled down from the hilltop and landed on the home, instantly killing both the owner and his son. By a miracle, their dog escaped and began to howl at once. In the morning it was heard by the neighbors who came running to see the unfortunate fate that had befallen the sleeping family. The townspeople say the dog still can be heard at night, and when you approach Morro Island, it can be seen for a flash, only to disappear under the trees.

The Ancient Shark of Taboga Island, Panama
Long, long ago, when there was so many fish in the sea one only had to use his hands to catch his supper, there lived a shark beside Morro Island. He lived for many years feasting on as much fish as his stomach could hold. He had seen many battles, and was encrusted in barnacles like an old ship which were covered with scrapes, evidence of spears which had glanced off of his armor. All Tabogans knew where he lived and respected his home. They never disturbed him.

One day a stranger came to the island, and not knowing the tale of the shark, went swimming into his protected area. The shark was angry and at once the stranger disappeared from the surface of the sea with only one drop of blood left floating on the current. Townspeople had been nearby and seen the fate of the stranger. Soon after, out of mounting fear that the shark was becoming more dangerous, a priest was paid to sing chants to the shark which brought him to the surface, the priest then sprinkled him with holy water. Afterwards all fear disappeared, and so possibly did the shark…

A research expedition to Taboga in the 1920’s did indeed record several large specimens:

1 Hammerhead Shark, 1350 lbs., 17 ft. long; 1 Tiger Shark, 1760 lbs., 20 ft. long; 1 Sawfish, 4500 lbs. 29 ft. long.

Due to over-fishing sharks are now rarely spotted on Taboga.



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