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FIESTA DEL MAR TABOGA! 17 & 18 March 2012

Discover Taboga by hiking or taking a walking tour with a Tabogan Guide.

Fiesta del Mar, March 17 and 18 2012, Taboga will showcase Taboga beach-life, nature and history for international tourists and visitors as well as for Panamanians!

Discover Taboga by hiking or taking a walking tour with a Tabogan Guide.

This weekend just past, 28 and 29th of January the new “Welcome to Taboga Booth” was inaugurated by island resident volunteers, and featured hiking tours, walking tours, and boat tours from $5 per person. Padrino of the Fiesta del Mar visited with the guides at our welcome booth site on Isla Taboga. Profits from the tours go to the island guides. Tours will be available by reservation during the week, and there will be scheduled tours on weekends. Best to let us know you are coming and to reserve in advance.

Sponsors still needed! Donations are tax deductbible. The Fiesta del Mar is a non-profit event under the administration of Fundacion Isla de Taboga, all profits will go to the Dame una Sonrisa Program for Dental Health of the islanders. With poor water quality and no fluoride they have major problems with dental health. For more information, contact us at Cerrito Tropical or through the Fiesta del mar site (link below). B&B Hotel Cerrito Tropical is a sponsor, and involved in the organization of the Fiesta del Mar as volunteers.

For full information please visit the Fiesta del Mar Panama website. or contact us from this Cerrito Tropical site and we will send you the information you require.



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