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Taboga Island, My Month in Paradise

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Taboga Island – My Month in Paradise
Guest Post by Mara


Taboga Island is home to a quaint community filled with friendly people and an abundance of history. I’m torn between trying to keep this Island paradise a secret and sharing my love and enthusiasm with everyone I meet. My enthusiasm wins out every time.

What keeps me coming back, each stay longer than the last? In no particular order: the people, fishing, the climate, outdoor activities, history, food and, yes, there’s even a beach.

The Islanders have a wonderful quality of friendly acceptance which continues to grow as I spend more time on Taboga. It’s a unique, well balanced atmosphere of feeling welcome while still maintaining a sense of privacy.

I’ve often heard day visitors remark that they were told there’s nothing to do or see on Taboga but, in truth, activities are numerous.

To start the day, I may decide to simply watch the sun rise over the Pacific from the balcony of my favorite B&B, Cerrito Tropical. What could be more spectacular? Whales — Unbelievable! Two days ago I was enjoying fresh pineapple, sipping my morning coffee while watching whales dive & resurface in the bay out front. One of those moments in life that that take one’s breath away.

Not all activities are quite as relaxing, but being shamelessly lazy at home I try to take total advantage of the beautiful climate to exercise long neglected muscles. There are jungle walks leading to a shoreline with rocks so beautiful they appear to be hand painted. And, depending on the time of year, brilliant blue butterflies flutter past ensuring your heart gets a good workout as they dart ahead of you and disappear into the undergrowth.

A little further along is a beachcomber’s treasure trove of shells, coral and sea glass.
Alternatively, I take to the sea and paddle a kayak towards the south shore where there’s rumoured to be a “magical” spring of healing waters. A little further & with luck I’ll have the honour of a dolphin escort while crossing the strait to a bird sanctuary, home to hundreds of pelicans, frigates, & egrets to name a few. It’s here you can often find me casting a line (yes, from the kayak) to bring in a sierra (Spanish mackerel) or pargo (red snapper) for that night’s dinner.

If my mood steers me towards history, Taboga has more than its share of historic points of interest – Cerro de la Cruz, Paul Gauguin’s home – many sites waiting patiently to share their secrets with the interested.

All the above and more are waiting to be discovered by those fortunate enough to have a few days or weeks to spend in this tropical paradise. A place to reconnect with nature, learn the joys of a simpler lifestyle and find one’s soul again.

My month here is almost up … where did the time go?




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