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A Cerrito Tropical Taboga Guest Post By Geni Elliott

Geni was a former guest of ours at Cerrito Tropical and she fell in love with the island. She loved it so much she has chosen to become a snowbird and make it her winter home.

Geni´s post:
Getting acquainted with life on Taboga is like getting to know a special new friend. Each day is filled with sweet little discoveries that I call “Taboga moments.”

I remember the first morning I set a vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen counter, and in through the window flew a brilliant green hummingbird who savored each blossom..I never know when my tiny guest will reappear, but these simple joys delight me. Since coming here I have learned to take life a little slower, to appreciate the song of a gecko, feel myself wrapped in an ocean breeze, and to note how many different shades of sparkling turquoise the ocean can appear. I awake each morning to a symphony of bird songs, and it’s a new tune each day.

I am struck by the extraordinary variety of flowers and trees that surround me. Before coming here, I thought there was just one variety of hibiscus. Here I find them with double or triple the number of petals, in a palette of pastel colors I never knew before. For sure, the natural world on this island holds many special “Taboga moments” for those who stay here…and it is not just the plants and animal that endear me.

The nature of the town folk is truly charming. Each morning when I take my early walk, each person I pass greets me with an “Hola” or “Buenos dias.” Whether I know them or not, they make eye contact and share a smile that fills me with hope.

I have been here for ten weeks, and have yet to hear local children fighting or crying. This is a place where folks get along with each other, and with their natural world around them. Another special Taboga moment – sitting up at Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel savoring one of Chef Aristides’ fabulous meals. For sure, this is a special place, and my “Taboga moments” will always hold a special place in my heart.



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