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Birdwatching on Taboga Island


Birds Spotted on Taboga Island
Thanks to one of our special guests (biologists) we have a new bird list from the birds they spotted when on vacation Taboga Island at Cerrito Tropical.

Bird Watching List, Taboga Island, January 2010 (31 species)

• Brown booby
• Blue-footed booby
• Frigatebird
• Brown pelican
• Spotted sandpiper
• Yellow-crowned night heron
• Royal tern
• Osprey
• Great-tailed grackle
• Neotropical mockingbird
• White-tipped dove
• Pale-vented pigeon
• Rock dove
• Tropical kingbird
• Great kiskadee
• House wren
• Palm tanager
• Blue-gray tanager
• Plain tanager
• Summer tanager
• Northern oriole
• Orchard oriole
• Orange-chinned parakeet
• Yellow-bellied Elaenia
• Red-legged honeycreeper
• Garden emerald hummingbird
• Blue-black grassquit
• Black vulture
• Turkey vulture
• Great black hawk
• Bat falcon

Thanks to Bettina Dudley for her contribution of the Bird list, January 2010.



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