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Rainfall and Weather on Taboga Island


The weather on Taboga Island is considered a Tropical Maritime climate. This brings the delightful weather which Taboga Island is so famous for. Some people think that the weather is often hot with a long rainy season (like some other parts of Panama) but this is not true of Taboga Island.

Beacause the island is surrounded by the sea, this modifies temperatures on Isla Taboga. During the day, temperatures run around 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 celsius) throughout the year. The evening average is 75 degrees (24 celsius). At times during the evenings, temperatures can drop to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 celsius).

Our guests at Cerrito Tropical enjoy the weather year round. Taboga receives the Trade Winds from the NE in winter and from the SE in summer. Sea breezes come off the coastline and up the mountain refreshing the island most of the day. Taboga does not get hurricanes, at times during a thunderstorm it gets high wind bursts.

Taboga has both a wet season and a dry season- although it rains much more (some 50% more) on Panama’s mainland than on Taboga Island. When it is pouring in Panama City, the residents of Taboga Island watch the rainfall but rarely get it. Regularly, black clouds can blow right past the island and not a drop of rain will fall. The rainy season begins in the month of May and ends around November (with a dry period around July-August) during which time it will rain for an hour or two a day cooling off the island; from time to time it may rain all night during the end of rainy season. From 15 December through April, the skies are clear and sunny. In fact during that period Taboga receives little to no rain.

The months of January through April are the busiest tourist months on Taboga. Visitors come from Panama and other countries come to Taboga to enjoy the 2 beaches as well as the clear, clean tropical waters and hike on the historic paths of the village of San Pedro.



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