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Tides on Taboga Island


Taboga Island tides range from 11 to 18 feet (3-5 meters) and changes twice a day. The Gulf of Panama is very shallow, 500 feet depths can be found only at the very outside of the gulf as it reaches the Pacific Ocean. On the Caribbean Coast tide variations of 1-2 feet can be found (.3 – .6 meters). This is quite different from the 16 foot tides (5 meters) which can be found on the Pacific Coast.

On Taboga Island there can be a great difference between high and low tide. At high tide the sand bar which joins Morro Island and Taboga Island is under 4 feet of water (1 meter). When the tide is coming over the sand bar the current between the two islands can become strong while the tide is rising so swimmers should take care in that area of the beach and simply move away from the sand bar area toward the village during rising tide. Low tides expose a rocky shoreline in some places, and in others, a wide sand beach is exposed.



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