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Events during 2013 in Panama Commemorating the Discovery of the Pacific by Balboa


A number of important Events will be held during the year 2013 in Panama including the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pacific Ocean, said the office of the Panama presidency. They confirmed the Pope’s visit previously announced by President Ricardo Martinelli of Panama.

It has also been said that the Catholic Church will celebrate in Panama the 500th anniversary of the first church in the Americas which will most certainly include special events on Isla Taboga which is home to the second oldest church in the Western Hemisphere.

As well for Taboga Island, it is planned that by 2013 several development projects will be completed including a small museum which will display the important role Taboga Island played in the discovery of the Pacific Ocean and the history as well as the development of Panama and the region.



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