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Free Internet at B&B Hotel Cerrito – Taboga, Panama

use wireless internet on your laptop at cerrito taboga island panama

We have always offered FREE Wireless Internet at B&B Hotel Cerrito Taboga in Panama when you have your own computer with you – now we have improved our wireless internet service for our guests. We suggest you bring your laptop to keep in touch with family and friends while you are on vacation.

Now our Internet speed (2 mbps) and service is even Faster and Still FREE at B&B Hotel Cerrito – Taboga, Panama!

With our new provider our Internet is FAST, symmetric (same down/up speed), works perfectly with VOIP, online video, big downloads, P2P, and large multiplayer games.

Connectivity is delivered using advanced terrestrial (no satellites) wireless technology that minimizes installation time and maximizes uptime.

A high speed Internet signal is sent from one or more transmitters and picked up by a receiver which is mounted on our building.

With this service you can even work at B&B Hotel Cerrito – many guests have chosen to come and work with an oceanview from our balconies. We have even hosted NGO organization and business retreats where the attendees brought with them a number of their work computers. On request, we can increase our internet speed capability for your meeting or work at extra charge.

Feel free to contact us with your questions!

Note: We do not have computers available for public use. But if you do not have one there is an internet cafe on Taboga island, Panama.



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