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Taboga Island – Panama Festivals: San Pedro Day

church of San Pedro on Taboga Island
San Pedro Church
Taboga Island

Taboga Island – Panama Festivals: San Pedro Day – June 29th, 2010
San Pedro Founder’s Day Festival, June 29. Celebrated with mass as well as a Boat Procession where local fishing boats are decorated and then parade around the island, followed by islanders´ festivities – this festival celebrates the first patron saint of Taboga and the namesake for the village. Please confirm the schedule that week with the Taboga Island Church (second oldest in the Americas) or municipal office.

Background: San Pedro is the Spanish name for Saint Peter. He was one of Twelve Apostles according to the Bible and was chosen by Jesus from his first disciples. He was a fisherman assigned a leadership role by Jesus and was with Jesus during events witnessed by only a few apostles.



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