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International Living Conference Held in Panama


Today I was a guest speaker at the Panama International Living Conference held at Playa Bonita. It was the LARGEST turnout they have ever had of Americans and Canadians interested in moving part (as “snowbirds”) or full time to Panama / or investing in Panama mainly through real estate. I spoke to a group of some 400 people about Taboga Island and our experience constructing and developing our Cerrito Tropical B&B Hotel there, and living in Panama. Offering tips and telling tales during my presentation a number of interesting attendees came up to me later to chat and learn more about Taboga Island and the possibilities there.

I asked one of the organizers why this conference is so popular and her take is that North Americans are quite disenchanted with life up there and are looking now, more than ever, at options way south of the borders…

C. Mulder



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